History of Mission Wines

Back in 1999, sommelier Sebastian Lombardy got an idea to bring most amazing wines closer to customers. He was looking for a perfect spot to open wine bar in Los Angeles for almost two years. During that time, he made personal contact with wineries all over the world. Once the place was selected, Mission Wines was born. Now, more than 16 years later, you are able to taste wines from all parts of the world.

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Totally Unique Wine Tasting Bar

From the earliest days, our goal was to bring our customers wines from all over the world and tell them the story of wine. Appart from testing the wine, you are able to learn what makes the wine "nectar of Gods". Here are some reasons why you should come to "Mission Wines".

Award Winning

We won numerous awards for the best wine place in LA.

High Quality

Professional and High Quality service.

Great Taste

Wines that are absolutly amazing, ranging from cheap ones to ones that are on the top of price range.

Huge Wine Knowledge

We know everything about wines that we offer. Feel free to ask.

Unique Experience

What we offer is amazing and unique experience for all our visitors and customers. Understanding wine is complicated process and our goal is to explain to you everything about it. Contact us and book your reservation.